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New Year in a New City

My last update was far too long ago! 2018 has kicked off with a big change. In early January, I moved to Nashville, TN. It was time for a move back to city life. So far, its been quite an adventure. Just like north Georgia, the weather is crazy. As soon as I got to town there were two snows within a week. A surprise for sure considering the infrequency of snow here in the south. My artist friend, Leigh Stewart, lives right up the road. Here we are playing out in snow #2.

I had been here a few weeks before I started getting out and about to explore. My friend Emily came to visit and we saw an incredible Jazz show at the Frist Arts Center. The music of Arnette Cobb was played by Kirk Whalum and his crew. This was the first taste of culture and art I had since I got to town, and boy did it do me good. I got in later that day and started painting up a storm. Their music was exquisite. Can't wait to see them again here in town. Maybe Rudy's Jazz Room?

After the concert, Em and I got excited about the music and went traipsing around town in search of a Cobb album for my console. We didn't find any, but I found a cool store here in Nash called Grimey's They are known for their vinyl. I ended up with a Kenny Loggings, Lawrence Welk, classic country collection, and one other. The console played the rest of the night.

All that good music got my artistc flow going again! Here are the first few paintings I've cranked out since I've been here. The first one is for my bedroom. Titled #nashvilleartist.

The middle one doesn't have a name yet. It has some influence from a class I took last winter from Augusta Wilson in Atlanta. Its loose and it drips. 24X30x1.5' Acrylic. It is available for sale. $400

The last one is called Winter Thunderstorm. Completely reminiscent of the crazy weather that has been in Nashville since I got here. 24x30x1.5' Acrylic. Availbale $400.

Exciting news for the end of March is that I'm now being represented by Leigh and Paige Fine Art in Columbus, GA. The Grand Opening Reception will be Thursday March 15 6:30-9 pm. 1309 Wildwood Ave. Columbus, GA 31906 Join me and other fellow artists for this exciting time!

I will close with this image of a recent mug I made. Its slab built, of course. At my current residence in Nashville, I don't have the facilities to make any pottery. So, all things ceramic will be on hold for a while, I'm sad to say. My pieces can still be found in Mentone at the MAAC gallery (formerly Kamama)

If you come to Nashville, reach out and lets's get together!

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