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Affording Art

People often see works of art and immediately assume they can’t afford it. I had three people inquire about the price of my latest painting. Two of them responded with why they couldn’t buy it. Folks, trust me. As an artist, I want to sell these pieces as much as you want to buy them. I speak for many other artists in saying that also.

If there is a piece you want, you should have it and there is a way to get it. With many artists (dare I say most), a sale is not always black and white. So many Artists will work with you so that you can acquire it.

Personally, this is what I do: Let’s say you want a larger piece that’s $500+. I’d figure out what you can pay me now and then break down the rest over a few months. Also, there are certainly times that I will barter art for something.

If you want a commissioned piece, typically, half the price is paid up front. This also has flexibility.

Each situation is different, but doable. There’s always room for accommodation. Do not hesitate to ask an artist if they can somehow work with you on the purchase. You’ll be surprised!

Thank you for your continued patronage and I look forward for your next purchase!

Cheers, O


The painting above is my latest piece. It is yet to be named. 30x40x1.5”. Acrylic and water color pencil. It is available for purchase. Interested? Let’s make it happen. Contact me

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