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Summer '18 News and Events

I've been in Nashville for quite a few months now. It's been rather quiet on the art front as far as I'm concerned. At this point, things are picking up in a big way. The most exciting news is that I've been invited to participate in the Franklin, TN Art Crawl. On Aug 3rd, from 6-9 pm, you'll find me at Outdoor Classic Structures, 203 2nd Ave. I'll have quite a few paintings with me of all sizes and all available for purchase. Many of them are new pieces. Here's a sample of what's to come.


This painting began quite a few months ago. I got the texture and the first layer of paint on and then I got stuck. It sat and sat, unfinished. Then I met a man named Larry at a happy hour one day and through the course of conversation, he mentioned that he needed something that resembled the surface of Mars for a book cover. Naturally, I thought of this painting.! So, he bought the rights to use it. You’ll see it in print later this year. I'll be sure to update when it's published.


Below is my first commission I’ve done here in Nashville. Some folks saw my work in a local gelato restaurant and requested a piece. Combining two other paintings I’ve done, this one was born. Speaking of born, this painting is in the bathroom of their baby, due later this summer. “Baby’s Gotta Have Art” 18x24x1.5” Mixed Media.

I hope to see you at the Art Crawl.

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