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The Evolution

Of all the years I’ve been an artist, I’ve been painting for about 6 years now. During much of that time, I have struggled with not developing a “style” of painting. People that know my work or have followed it could probably identify something I did, but as a whole, it is not recognizable as many others are. I try and try to paint two or more paintings alike, but in all honesty, it is a struggle for me. I don’t paint in series and putting a collection together for a show is somewhat of a curiosity.

I worked as a full time artist for 5 years before starting my job at Vanderbilt. Then, I had all the time in the world to focus on that task, but “collections” never developed. Now that I work full time, my pottery is back in Georgia and never gets touched. My painting gets moderate attention when I’m not too tired from my workday. A few months ago, I made a decision to paint a series of paintings- no matter what it took. The goal was to start small and to make at least 10. So, I did.

I did a few at a time, as drying time between layers has to be taken into consideration. I liked the first set and was pleased with they way they turned out.

Immediately after starting the second set, a feeling was creeping in. A feeling that this set wasn’t going to be the same. I couldn’t remember exactly what I did from a few days before. It didn’t flow like before. So, I glanced back at the last set to see my progression. The second set got done, but differences are noticeable.

Third set came along and it is similar, but more progression away from the originals is evident. There was a lot more effort in this set. They are fine, but didn’t feel as good painting them as the first set.

The fourth round came about using leftover paint from some other pieces. The colors are off as is the style. They are disjointed and forced, looking like afterthoughts.

I paint because abstract is my favorite and I decided a long time ago that I could paint such. My inspiration comes from all sorts of places. I see someone else’s work and wonder what technique he used to create such a work- then I just give it a try. Sometimes it might favor the work, sometimes not. I see colors that I love or color palettes that speak to me and decide to use them- not having a method in mind until I start. I see photos that I zoom in on and paint a small portion of it represented in a larger way that turns it to abstract. I take classes and workshops and have studio time with other artists- letting them teach me their ways, then I translate those techniques into my work somehow. (This will be a separate blog post.)

One repetition that I see in my work is my use(and utter love for) deep rich colors. Jewel tones that sink straight into me. Orange and turquoise seem to be a pair I use quite often- many values of both. As far as my “style” goes, I might not ever have one.

All I can do is keep painting, learning, trying, and growing. Hoping one day to be at it full time again.

Cheers, my friends. Thank you for your continued love and support on my artistic journey.



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