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About Me

My journey in art began in the late 1990’s when I began making handbuilt pottery in college. For 16 years, this was my primary medium. In 2005, I attended school to learn calligraphy and have practiced that for years using three different hands (styles of alphabet). Painting came to me more recently. I’ve always admired abstract styles. When I started, it was with brushes. After playing around, I was not happy with the result. Finally, I tried out a palette knife and it all came together for me. The knives achieved what I was after and my passion has come through ever since. I have no formal training in abstract painting, but have a few painter mentors that I contact on occasion for advice. My work is much trial and error, learning new techniques with almost every painting.  At this point, my techniques vary greatly and I create a variety of styles and paintings.  

An Atlanta native, I grew up in northwest Georgia. I’ve spent time living in different parts of the south. After graduating from Darlington School, I pursued a degree at Jacksonville State University in Family & Consumer Sciences. After managing restaurants for ten years, I have transitioned primarily to art.For 5 years, I served as Curator and Director at Vision Gallery in Summerville, Georgia. It served as my studio space for my painting. I also taught classes, hosted children’s art camp, and worked the gallery.  My pottery is made in my shop near my residence.

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