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Spring 2019

2019 is approaching the halfway point. Spring in Nashville has been hot so far. For the last few months, I have been on somewhat of a hiatus from my painting. Not sure why, but just haven’t felt the urge. I’ve got a collection started with about 15 pieces so far. Maybe I’ll make more to get it completed. The pieces completed so far are all 16x20 or less and most need frames. I haven’t painted a large collection of similar pieces before and as you know, my works are typically larger sizes and not framed. it will be a nice change when finished. These are some of those.

Theres still no pottery to speak of for me in Nashville. I’ve worked on it a few times in the last year when I’ve gone home to Georgia. I‘ve been searching for a way to make it happen here, but so far, no luck. I miss it quite a bit!

That being said, all is not lost for me in the creative realm. Thanks to my friend Clint Dillard and a little jam i had at my cabin, I’ve started playing the upright bass. Clint, Phil Helton, and Russell McClanahan are all chipping in to teach me when I’m home. I’ve started taking lessons here in Nashville and going to a lot of jams, jumping in when I can. I’m enjoying it and am happy to be taking on a new skill.

When I was at Finster Fest last weekend, the guys encouraged me to play along with them. It was quite a change to not feel nervous in front of others and it felt great. Here I am with Phil and Russell.

How’s everything going on your end of the bow? 😄🎻 I hope youve got some exciting things planned for the summer. Holler if you’re in Nashville!

Fondly, Olivia


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